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Hiring managers should clearly articulate to HR what skills, qualifications and experience are required for the job.

But here’s the problem: During my 12 years in recruitment, I have seen hundreds of situations where the job spec states ‘Minimum 5 years experience’ in a particular field, when actually the hiring manager would happily consider candidates with less experience. The criteria set might help eliminate candidates in the recruiting funnel, but how many hidden gems are being overlooked because of this?

Of course technical skills are important (more so in some jobs than others), but many hiring managers would happily hire a candidate with 3 years experience (rather than the 5 specified) if other less tangible boxes are ticked, such as personality/soft skills.

How to screen for Soft Skills

It’s difficult for hiring managers to provide meaningful criteria to HR when it comes to soft skills. Firstly, these skills can’t show on a CV (text such as ‘outgoing personality’ doesn’t always match the reality). And even in a phone screen, HR’s interpretation of a candidate’s soft skills might be quite different to the hiring manager’s.

An effective solution is to screen with recorded video interviews. This way the HR manager and the hiring manager can collaborate, watch the candidate videos and gather insight. This quick process helps ensure the best selection of candidates are invited for face-to-face interviews. Throughout the recruitment process it’s important to keep candidates engaged from Application to Interview.

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