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February 14, 2014 — Leave a comment
Love hearts

Article by Rupert Sellers

It’s Valentine’s Day. Romance is in the air …with a computer.

Romcom Golden Globe Winner “Her” the movie is out today in UK cinemas. It gives a fascinating insight on how our relationship with technology might progress in the near future. This film boldly states that ultimately life is about relationships, and not much will really change. Technology will discretely enable those relationships.

Technology shouldn’t feel like technology

In this futuristic movie, or ‘slight future’ as Spike Jonze the director calls it, there’s technology everywhere but most of it is invisible and blends into people’s everyday lives without being the centre of attention.

Technology is shown as more people-centric. It’s not there to dazzle with gimmicks; instead it’s more behind the scenes in a constant supporting capacity.

It’s very much how I see Compact Interview. As a video interviewing service working closely with the HR community, this technology is not meant to dazzle. It’s there to support our clients with their recruitment process. On the face of it, talking to a camera to record a video interview might seem impersonal, but this quick and easy form of showcasing candidates to employers is much more effective than relying on the traditional CV during the screening stage.

We are passionate about relationships with our clients and ensuring that their candidates are engaged and have a good experience in their recruitment journey. All too often, candidates are judged by the content of their CV and if the keywords being searched for don’t appear, it’s the end of the road.

In my 12 years of recruitment I have met a number of great candidates who have applied for jobs and been rejected unfairly at this first hurdle. Fortunately, many of these same candidates have gone on to secure great jobs with other employers soon after the disappointing experience.

Adoption of video interviewing technology might take time for some employers, but it’s inevitable that this will be mainstream in the ‘slight future’. The good news is that this screening tool is available right now and many employers have embraced this technology, reaping the benefits of the the time and cost saved to fill their vacancies.

Rupert Sellers

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I spent most of my career in luxury hotel management which included senior roles with Ritz-Carlton and Four seasons, before specialising in recruitment 12 years ago. In 2012, I launched Compact Interview which enables employers to screen candidates directly with customised video interviews. Our privately held company is based in Shoreditch, London.

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