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The Telegraph Business Club is profiling Compact Interview in a new film and talks to top executives at The Lanesborough and InterContinental London Park Lane about the benefits of video recruitment. The film will be posted on the Telegraph site next month but I’m pleased to offer you an exclusive peek.

Watch the video here:

In the film, my colleague Matt Evans and I discuss the reasons we created our video interviewing software and the benefits the system provides HR professionals and hiring managers, including:

•          Improved recruitment efficiency

•          Reducing the cost of hiring

•          Assessing candidates’ soft-skills

•          Reaching and engaging with graduates and global candidates

Contributing to this short film are senior managers from London’s top hotels who discuss the merits of video interviewing.

Anja Henschel, Human Resources Manager at InterContinental London Park Lane is one of our clients who reports an increase in efficiency since she began using video interviews to pre-screen candidates.

Paula McColgan, Director of Sales & Marketing at The Lanesborough, is considering using video interviewing as part of their recruitment process to better assess soft-skills and attract overseas candidates.

Quotes from the film

Anja Henschel, HR Manager, InterContinental London Park Lane:

“I think it can save quite a bit of time, helping the HR team and the hiring managers use their time more efficiently – and that affects financial results.”

“It’s more futuristic than anything we have done before.”

Paula McColgan, Director of Sales & Marketing, The Lanesborough:

“I think this is leading technology. It’s the way forward.”

“Video interviewing can broaden the scope of interviewing overseas candidates.”

“It gives the interviewer a great snapshot of the candidate’s soft skills, not just the hard copy CV.”

Zoe Collings, Sales Manager, The Lanesborough:

“It allows you to interview in your own time.”

NG_Barometa-110315-2353It wasn’t long ago that the term “video interviewing” drew a blank, even in recruitment circles. Today it is one of the hottest topics in HR as recruiters increasingly recognise the benefits of this new, effective hiring method to cut time and cost.

It’s great to see more and more stories being published on this subject, but ‘RecruitmentBuzz‘ particularly caught my eye this week with their 10 Articles that show Video Recruitment is the Future. Each article is objectively written and one carries a survey revealing that “63% of HR managers say their company uses video technology to conduct interviews, compared to 14% the previous year”. This is a real testament to video interviews as a smart screening tool for employers.

Of course, there is a wide range of ‘video technology’: Skype which we can all relate to, Facetime (launched by Apple in 2010) and the growing specialist companies that offer recorded live video interviews and asynchronous (one-way) video interviews.

This latter model is arguably the most convenient and time saving as the interviews tend to be much shorter than a live interview and there is no scheduling involved. The employer simply creates the interview online, then emails the link to invited candidates. While candidates have the flexibility to record their interviews in their own time, the employer can get on with other tasks. When convenient, it’s a quick login to the system to watch and evaluate the recorded interviews.

Systems providing the best candidate experience are inevitably the ones that are intuitive with a clean and simple interface.

With the UK now well on the road to recovery, HR teams need to be ready for a surge in hiring new staff. If companies are not already using video interviews as part of their recruitment process, perhaps now is a good time to start.