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Employment confidence has reached its highest level since 2008, according to the CIPD’s latest Labour Market Outlook (LMO) survey. As hiring needs increase, there’s never been a better time to introduce video interviewing into your recruitment process.

Before the recession started in 2008, the recruitment landscape was very different. With many years of prosperity, HR teams had big budgets to play with and when a job needed to be filled, a quick call into their recruitment agency to source suitable candidates often provided the solution. At the time, few people had grasped social media. Some people dabbled with LinkedIn, social climbers took to Facebook and only geeks tweeted (that was when Twitter was only two years old).

Fast track to 2013 and look at how these social networks have impacted our lives today. Not only in our personal lives, but in our business lives too. Matching candidates to jobs has always been an art, and still is, but with so many channels to showcase jobs to candidates, and candidates to jobs, the recruitment process has become more challenging. Extensive distribution channels through job boards and social media throws up a much broader range of candidates. Of course it’s good news that there is greater diversity of talent to be considered, compared to the rather blinkered approach to hiring staff 5+ years ago when employers would readily rely on a recruitment agency’s static database of candidates.

So how do the much leaner HR teams of 2013 handle recruitment when they have to process so many more candidates for each vacant job? Reviewing CVs can be painful when content is stuffed with keywords and superlatives that doesn’t relate to the actual candidate, but the process is useful for a quick snapshot of a candidate’s track record and qualifications.

Having sifted through the CVs, what next? Scheduling and conducting phone screens and first round interviews takes hours… That was so last decade.

As we head towards 2014, with employment on the increase at last, recruiters should consider what new tools are out there. Yes, social media certainly to help source good talent. But when it comes to filtering volumes of diverse candidates, cut out the phone screens and first round interviews, and instead use video interviewing as a screening tool. It’s a no brainer to quickly identify the most suitable candidates for your organisation.